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Why Fluently Now?

Why aim for fluency?

Have you been struggling with learning to speak fluently a second language? Are you confident in speaking English fluently? How about Spanish? Or French? What would you say if you could practice any language using the same tool? FluentlyNow can do exactly that.

While you can use it to help you speak English fluently, you can use it with any other language that you are learning. And not only that, but it allows you to choose the text you want to practise on.

How does it do that? Well, when you learn a second language, or a third for that matter, the first steps would involve acquiring vocabulary and structure. You can do that by using any traditional method that involves having a teacher or a tutor, using a textbook or you might prefer using various apps that are great with going through the first steps.

I like Memrise for learning new vocabulary. I think it’s a great tool. The only problem I had is that having a large vocabulary does not really help with real life conversations in a foreign language. Words are used in contexts and this is where FluentlyNow comes in.

You can practise with any type of text as long as it’s not too long. If it is, you can just divide it into smaller pieces. Once you have chosen a text, you can paste it in FluentlyNow and start playing with the exercises.

How is this any different than any other app you can find? Well, I like being able to choose texts that are relevant to me and with which I feel comfortable spending more time on. If you read a text once, you won’t be able to reproduce it too closely. And I’m not talking about repeating the exact words and structure. Just being able to talk about what you have read with confidence, accuracy and fluency.

But by going back to the same text and looking closely at how words are linked together to form sentences and how the sentences fit in to create a paragraph and express an idea, you can end up with speaking comfortably about what you have read.