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Why Fluently Now?

Mindfulness and Language Learning

Mindfulness is a growing practice these days. Meditation is said to have a lot of benefits and people who practice mindfulness want and can become happier and healthier. Just like language learning, meditation and mindfulness practices take time and need to be practiced regularly in order for you to reap benefits.

With mindfulness you are trying to be fully present and become more and more aware of what you do and not let yourself overwhelmed by your emotions and what is happening around you. When you try to bring more awareness to what you are experiencing every moment you are practising mindfulness. With language learning you can focus on each element that builds a text by focusing on words, and how the letters are arranged to form the word, how words build up sentences and how sentences build up paragraphs.

When you meditate you explore your mind. When you learn a new language you explore new words, how they combine to form utterances and ultimately to build a different culture.