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Why Fluently Now?

How Important is Repetition

One of the methods to quickly learn a foreign language is listening to podcasts in the specific language you want to learn. I’ve tried it and it has value but for me it was limited value. I somehow decided that I have to listen to the same podcast several times (my goal was 30 times) so I can absorb the language, structures, ways the words connect to each other. The limitation that I saw in this method was the content of the podcasts I found. I didn’t find enough interesting things in podcasts that would make me want to listen to them for 30 times. I think the more interesting the content is, the more likely it is for me to want to listen to it multiple times. And this is how I came up with FluentlyNow. I needed a way to practise a text and be engaged in the practice. Listening to a podcast was too passive and my mind was always wandering especially if I was listening to the same thing over and over again. I know and believe that repetition is key in language learning, and not only in language learning. But you have to be willing to go over the same thing again and again so there must be a powerful reason for you to do so. And again content was the key. I wanted to choose my own texts on which to practice and what I found was that the podcasts and texts designed for language learning were not so interesting for me. Content of a different type is though. And even if it’s not designed for language learning, it’s still real life communication. And with my interest in meditation and mindfulness I wanted to combine the two.