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Why Fluently Now?

  • Mindfulness is a growing practice these days. Meditation is said to have a lot of benefits and people who practice mindfulness want and can become happier and healthier. Just like language learning, meditation and mindfulness practices take time and need to be practiced regularly in order for you to reap benefits.

    With mindfulness you are trying to be fully present and become more and more aware of what you do and not let yourself overwhelmed by your emotions and what is happening around you. When you try to bring more awareness to what you are experiencing every moment you are …

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  • One of the methods to quickly learn a foreign language is listening to podcasts in the specific language you want to learn. I’ve tried it and it has value but for me it was limited value. I somehow decided that I have to listen to the same podcast several times (my goal was 30 times) so I can absorb the language, structures, ways the words connect to each other. The limitation that I saw in this method was the content of the podcasts I found. I didn’t find enough interesting things in podcasts that would make me want to listen …

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  • I studied English as a second language the classical way. I learnt it in school, with private tutors, went to university and studied English there. I then worked as a teacher. I had to also study Russian in school but never liked it and thus never learned it. However, I would have liked to study French. So I studied it a bit with a private tutor. Didn’t go too far though.

    And then, as an adult, I decided to learn French. I’ve tried different things I found on the Internet. One of the most useful I found was Memrise. It …

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  • Have you been struggling with learning to speak fluently a second language? Are you confident in speaking English fluently? How about Spanish? Or French? What would you say if you could practice any language using the same tool? FluentlyNow can do exactly that.

    While you can use it to help you speak English fluently, you can use it with any other language that you are learning. And not only that, but it allows you to choose the text you want to practise on.

    How does it do that? Well, when you learn a second language, or a third for that …

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  • Mindfulness and learning a second language have certain things in common. First of all, repetition is crucial for learning to master a second language. This is why for me, listening to the same meditation - whether guided or not something like positive affirmations - combines the two in a useful exercise. When you decide to do meditation, other than if you only try a form of practice that is totally silent, you benefit from meditation on a repetitive activity. And if the activity involves a text in a foreign language you get double benefits.

    Secondly, the attention to details and …

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