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Why Fluently Now?

Do you feel like you can understand a foreign language but cannot speak it as fluently as you would like?

Fluently Now is the solution to your problem! 

By using Fluently Now you can quickly become fluent in any language. What you need to do is think of the things you are interested in. Let’s say you want to find out more about dogs. You also want to learn to speak fluently in a foreign language. Why not combine these two?

Search in Google for an article about dogs in the language you want to master. Copy the text and paste it in Fluently Now. Then start practicing using the exercises in the app and this way not only will you know more about the topic but you will also be able to express yourself fluently about this particular topic.

How fast can you learn using Fluently Now? I’d say pretty fast. You can notice an improvement in fluency right after using the exercises with the first text. You can compare how you speak about a topic after just reading the information once and then after you have used Fluently Now to go through all the exercises. I can guarantee you’ll be amazed by the results.

Not only can you practice English but you can try this with any language. Copy the text in French, Spanish, German, Polish and start playing. Fluently Now detects the language and helps you practice the specific language structure.

Instead of following a curriculum from a textbook aiming to help you learn ‘all’ the language, you can choose your topics and become fluent in the specific domain that can help you in your career or is just a hobby that has very much relevance to you.